John Davies (Writer)

John has been a fan of movies since his earliest memories due mostly in part to his mother who found it a necessity to have her son aware of the genre films and literature of his age. He grew up dreaming of becoming a pulp novelist, writing short stories of horror themed mystery and creating violent stage plays for his school projects.

In a high school drama class a story that John and long time friend Jason Eisener had created got turned down as a possibility for a stage play because it was deemed to over the top and impossible to portray. Upset about the rejection John decided to write the play out as a short film. The experience was so positive that he decided a career in film-making was the career path he needed to take. Unsure of what to do in the industry John enrolled in a technical film course at his local community college. There he learned the basics of lighting, shooting, and producing, but found classes he had the greatest enthusiasm for like writing, special effects, and directing were sub par or absent. To get back to what he loved he wrote a script for his final project that stayed true to the genre world he’d been attached to since childhood. A movie called “Fist of Death”, which was an hour long kung-fu zombie film. The film went on to become a local cult classic, selling out its premier show and to playing in university screenings across Canada.

In 2007 John helped create the winning fake trailer “Hobo with a Shotgun” for a promotional contest put on at SXSW for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s film “Grindhouse.”

The feature version of “Hobo with a Shotgun” written by Davies is premiering at the 2011 Sundance film festival.