Blood Truck

Here’s another video to show you some of the crazy amazing stuff we’ve been up to. Special thanks go to Henry and Zane, and the Blood Truck.


Photo Recap

We are now in week four of production, and I think everyone on set shares my sentiment that time’s gone by way too fucking fast. There’s still a week and change left, and tons more insane shit to shoot, so we’ll have our Hobo fix for a bit.

Here’s some kick-ass snaps from the past week:

Grinder from the back, getting ready for some action

The Plague have tried and tested methods of doing their jobs

Rob Cotterill, right, and crew enjoying a squib detonation

Jason Eisener giving direction to Nick Bateman

John Davies gets into the action

The results of a SFX test

Clark preps a dummy for some extreme squibs

Brian Downey and Jason Eisener discussing a scene

Henry Townsend injecting blood for upcoming shot

Jason Eisener, on ground, setting a shot with Rutger Hauer and crew looking on


Breaking News

You know shit has hit the fan when…


Bringing the Law

It’s not often you get a chance to hear the thoughts and opinions from a rookie cop. They’re either too scared to talk, or are relegated into dark basement evidence rooms to toil for years. Well, we were lucky enough to score some time with this guy. Sorry dude, we can’t remember your name so please e-mail us and we’ll make sure to put it up!


A Personal Message

We’re really stoked that so many of you are writing about Hobo. We all spend a lot of time going through your comments to see what you love and what you’re worried about. We’re trying our best to make sure you’ll all have an awesome experience when you see our film. Sometimes though, the comments we read challenge us to raise our bar beyond what we thought possible. And to take our movie into a whole new realm.

“Rutger Hauer Stars In Most Despicable, Disgusting Film Ever Made

Completely irresponsible too, giving the wrong people the wrongest ideas you can imagine.
The film? Hobo With a Shotgun. A more nightmarish, satanic dystopia I cannot conceive of…
But Hollywood, sick as it is, couldn’t leave well enough alone, and now they’re actually filming the movie.”

This picture is dedicated to MichaelN. Many thanks for your bold words. We’ll do our best not to disappoint you.

Jason, Rob and John

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