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Hello everyone, just wanted to link to a great write-up at Fangoria of the Hobo With a Shotgun trailer that was just screened at Fantasia.

Keep checking back here as there will more updates in the coming weeks. There’s lots of exciting stuff going on, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.


Hello All!

Jason Eisener here. We wrapped “Hobo With a Shotgun” about two weeks ago and I’m still coming down from the most insane 25 days of my life. Directing a feature film has been a dream of mine since I was a kid and I have been living and breathing “Hobo” since we won the Grindhouse trailer contest, over three years ago.

If you’re like me and grew up in the 80’s you were probably subjected to a lot of high concept ideas from film and TV. You’ll see that influence in “Hobo” – a passion to tell wild stories from the heart. My movie collection is comprised of VHS’s from the 70’s and 80’s, which served as great inspiration for me and my whole crew during the shoot. We had a video library set up in what we called the “Club House” in our production office – where cast and crew could come to borrow films, books, magazines – to help experience the world we were coming from. Some of the films that got passed around the set were:

Vice Squad

Rolling Thunder

Dead End Drive In

Making your first feature film can be pretty intense. It wasn’t until the last day of shooting that I realized how crazy my life had become. We were shooting on a train, just outside of Halifax on a beautiful spring day. I was looking at the monitor and there, staring back at me was our star, Rutger Hauer. Because it was our last day, my mind got a chance to put everything into perspective. Here I was directing one of my childhood heroes. Rutger Hauer was one of the first actors to catch my eye and ignite my passion for filmmaking. To have him star in my first feature is pretty amazing. Beside me sat David Brunt (the original Hobo in the trailer). He has been an inspiration to me ever since I first met him, and it was so amazing to see Dave spread that inspiration and vibe to the crew.

Now I’m sitting down in front of my monitor cutting the picture. I’ve had some time to think about the past 2 months. I miss shooting, I miss the energy on set, I miss the cast and crew. It’s a beautiful summer day outside – I can see some of it through the cracks between the garbage bags I got taped to the windows. But this summer I’m locking myself up in this apartment so I can cut together an insane film for all you guys to enjoy.

So stay tuned to the blog for updates and fun. We shot a ton of behind the scenes material so there will be a bunch of cool stuff in store for you in the coming months.

Take care

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Budget Cuts

We caught up with Niv Fichman at the local hospice to try and finish our previous interview. The weeks of heavy painkillers mixed with booze had obviously taken their toll.


The Hitcher at Thrillema

We would like to invite all Halifax and surrounding area locals to a very special benefit for David Brunt, who you know as the original Hobo from the trailer:

Saturday, May 22nd @ The Thrillema

Park Lane Empire Theatres on Spring Garden Rd.

4 PM with a $10 Suggested Donation

Rutger Hauer will introduce the film and hold a Q&A session afterwards.


More Blood, More Heart

Jason Eisener had this sheet of paper stuck to the back of his monitor for weeks before principal photography even started on this film. We’re well into Week 5 now, and looking back, every single part of this mantra has been followed almost religiously.

Here’s a few more pictures to give you a peek inside the Hobo With a Shotgun universe:

Buckets of blood stand by for a shot

An assortment of organs and body parts ready for deployment

Ivan, played by Nick Bateman, is getting ready to stir some shit up

During rehearsal, Molly Dunsworth flashes a smile while receiving direction from Jason Eisener

Rutger Hauer and Jason Eisener discussing a scene

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