More Blood, More Heart

Jason Eisener had this sheet of paper stuck to the back of his monitor for weeks before principal photography even started on this film. We’re well into Week 5 now, and looking back, every single part of this mantra has been followed almost religiously.

Here’s a few more pictures to give you a peek inside the Hobo With a Shotgun universe:

Buckets of blood stand by for a shot

An assortment of organs and body parts ready for deployment

Ivan, played by Nick Bateman, is getting ready to stir some shit up

During rehearsal, Molly Dunsworth flashes a smile while receiving direction from Jason Eisener

Rutger Hauer and Jason Eisener discussing a scene


Photo Recap

We are now in week four of production, and I think everyone on set shares my sentiment that time’s gone by way too fucking fast. There’s still a week and change left, and tons more insane shit to shoot, so we’ll have our Hobo fix for a bit.

Here’s some kick-ass snaps from the past week:

Grinder from the back, getting ready for some action

The Plague have tried and tested methods of doing their jobs

Rob Cotterill, right, and crew enjoying a squib detonation

Jason Eisener giving direction to Nick Bateman

John Davies gets into the action

The results of a SFX test

Clark preps a dummy for some extreme squibs

Brian Downey and Jason Eisener discussing a scene

Henry Townsend injecting blood for upcoming shot

Jason Eisener, on ground, setting a shot with Rutger Hauer and crew looking on