Photo Recap

We are now in week four of production, and I think everyone on set shares my sentiment that time’s gone by way too fucking fast. There’s still a week and change left, and tons more insane shit to shoot, so we’ll have our Hobo fix for a bit.

Here’s some kick-ass snaps from the past week:

Grinder from the back, getting ready for some action

The Plague have tried and tested methods of doing their jobs

Rob Cotterill, right, and crew enjoying a squib detonation

Jason Eisener giving direction to Nick Bateman

John Davies gets into the action

The results of a SFX test

Clark preps a dummy for some extreme squibs

Brian Downey and Jason Eisener discussing a scene

Henry Townsend injecting blood for upcoming shot

Jason Eisener, on ground, setting a shot with Rutger Hauer and crew looking on

May 13, 2010