Shotgun Blast From The Past: Part 3

Scott Vrooman, of Picnicface fame, plays the rookie cop in the film. We were able to take him out for a brief interview while shooting behind-the-scenes footage during the movie’s production.


Hollywood Menace – Rutger Hauer Featurette

Erik Hedegaard at Men’s Journal got together and spoke with Rutger in early May. There’s an amazing photo of Rutger, [seen above] taken by John Midgley. Check the featurette out!


The Ballad of the Hobo (With a Shotgun)

Some Sort of Show’s first song of the season is about Hobo. Pretty awesome!


3 Out of 4 Bunnies for Hobo in Playboy

“Sporting the coolest title of any movie so far this year, Hobo with A Shotgun is a down and dirty, hyper-violent, fully demented, all-severed-heads-and-limbs salute to 1970s grindhouse and drive-in vigilante exploitation movies.” – Playboy

Stephen Rebello over at Playboy has given us 3 out of 4 Playboy bunnies. Read the review here!


Razor Blades: Kick-Ass Fan Art

[click to enlarge]

Via Jason’s blog, user Xiangzkindaemo recreates one of the notable lines from the film; including plenty of blood.

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