James White Makes a Hobo Poster

Our friend James White of Signalnoise, who designed the Hobo With a Shotgun logo, as well as the Plague and Yer Dead logos, made this poster for the film. It’s pretty amazing. Check out his blog here.

Hobo With a Shotgun opens today in theatres across Canada. If you’re not sure if it’s playing in your area, see below for complete listing of theatres where it’ll be playing:

Parklane, Halifax
Empire, Dartmouth
Regent Mall, Fredericton
Studio, St. John
Trinity, Moncton
Studio, St. John’s

Scotiabank, Toronto
Canada Square
Eglinton Town
Empress Walk
Coliseum, Scarborough
AMC Winston Churchill, Oakville
AMC Courtney Park, Mississauga
Coliseum, Mississauga
Colossus, Woodbridge
Silver City, Brampton
Silver City, Richmond Hill
AMC Whitby, Whitby
SC Ancaster, Ancaster
Penn Centre St. Catherines
Empire, Waterloo
Silver City, London
Devonshire, Windsor
Empire 7, Ottawa
Coliseum, Ottawa
AMC Kanata, Ottawa
Capitol, Kingston

Scotiabank, Montreal
Colossos, Laval
Spheretech, St. Laurent
Taschereau, Greenfield Park

Silver City Polo Park
Centre, Saskatoon
Southland, Regina

Scotiabank Chinook, Calgary
Sunridge Spectrum, Calgary
Studio Country Hills, Calgary
City Centre, Edmonton
South Edmonton, Edmonton
North Edmonton, Edmonton

International Village, Vancouver
Esplanade, North Vancouver
Silver City Riverport, Richmond
Colossus Langley, Langley
Silver City Coquitlam, Coquitlam
Studio Guildford, Surrey
Capitol, Victoria
Grande, Kelowna
Avalon, Nanaimo


Brunt Force Trauma – Bears

From our production archives, we bring you Brunt Force Trauma with David Brunt, the original Hobo. In this clip, David C. Brunt gives us insight into the mind and psychology of the bear.


More Blood, More Heart

With only two days left until Hobo With a Shotgun hits theatres in Canada, we thought it might do justice to bring you a teaser for the Making of Documentary for Hobo titled More Blood, More Heart.

Made by our friend Kevin Fraser, it’s a testament to his relentless, sleep-deprived dedication to capture every imaginable event that happened while we made the movie. Keep an eye out for it on the Hobo With a Shotgun DVD release!


Hobo on Retro VHS

Our friend Bub Logan on Facebook uploaded some amazing VHS mock-ups of Hobo With a Shotgun. Here they are, if today was 15 years ago:


Hobo With a Shotgun: The Game

If you haven’t already, click here to get the officially sanctioned Hobo With a Shotgun iPhone/iPad game. As a dedicated throw-back to the 16-bit days, it features terrifyingly difficult levels and insanely awesome graphics.

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