New Hobo Red Band Trailer

A new Red Band Trailer has been gone live in the wild! We also wish to remind you guys that Hobo goes VOD tomorrow, so you can giv’er through the new bleep bloop technologies all the kids are crazy about.


Even More Fan Art

First off, Andrew Barr of Notchordamnatchoz put together this awesome Plague desktop wallpaper. Click on the image above for the huge size.

And this poster concept comes courtesy of Andrew Klass, you can check his website out here. Click on image for big version.

We’re stoked to see so much awesome fan art coming from you guys and can’t wait to see more. If you’ve got something: tag it, comment about it here, or @jasoneisener for a direct approach.


The Dude’s Hobo Poster + A Thank You

So, a little bit about the amazing Hobo poster by Tom Hodge AKA The Dude. A little while ago, while we were still running our production blog, Tom posted a comment on one of our posts mentioning that he does poster designs and provided a link to his work. Always on top of what’s going on in the comments, Jason found it and e-mailed him directly asking to see what sort of amazing work he could come up with for Hobo. As it goes, Jason loved Tom’s creative vision and felt it could very well be on par with his own. Let me quote directly from Tom’s blog:

“Well I was stoked to say the least and worked my ass off to turn something around quickly before they forgot I ever emailed them! There was no holding back on this baby I went the full balls out 70s/80s exploitation, throwing everything into the pot, looking over every exploitation poster I did for inspirations!”

On New Year’s Eve, he spent hours uploading the 500MB file on a handicapped connection. The guys loved it. It’s now become one of the most incredible collaborations that has been done for Hobo. It’s also a pretty amazing story, showing just how randomly people can connect on this internet thing. Head over to Tom’s blog to see more of his amazingly awesome work, and don’t forget to also like his Facebook page.

All of us here at Hobo want to also thank all of our Canadian fans for coming out and seeing Hobo in theatres this past weekend! We’re getting a ton of feedback from you guys on Facebook, Twitter and here and it’s amazing to know you guys enjoyed the film as much as we enjoyed making it. If you haven’t brought your Grandma to see it, you should consider doing it this week. Tell everyone you know, and make sure the theatre turns the volume way up. Both for Grandma’s sake, and yours.


“Run With Us” – Hobo Version

Our friend Mike did a bit of splicing and put together this re-edit of Lisa Lougheed’s “Run With Us”. Pretty badass.


Jason on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Click here to see a clip of Jason Eisener from an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC. Strombo has an amazing cameo in the film, look out for him when you see the film!

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