Hobo at Sundance

It was just announced that Hobo With a Shotgun will have its world premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

I’ve known for a couple days that our film was selected and its been so hard for me to keep it a secret. This whole journey has been an insane ride. We have been working so hard on this project for years. The idea of Treevenge came after we made the original Hobo trailer. Treevenge was our way of preparing ourselves for the crazy task of making Hobo With a Shotgun the feature film. Sundance selected Treevenge back in 2008 and gave us an honourable mention. It was our first experience at Sundance, and I didn’t expect the audience to be as crazy as they were. Our screening with Tommy Wirkola’s “Dead Snow” was like a rock concert. When the screening sold out a fight broke outside the theatre, I can remember coming out of the screening seeing broken glass and blood on the ground. It kinda felt like Dartmouth, it was crazy.

When it came time to create Hobo, so many of our friends and film community members from Nova Scotia came out and got their hands really dirty. So many of these people made sacrifices to be a part of our film. We had the best film crew in the world, Nova Scotia breeds tough film crews.

Being part of Sundance is a victory for my home. We wouldn’t have had this opprotunity if it weren’t for our crew and supporters, Telefilm Canada, Alliance, Film Nova Scotia, Whizbang Films, and especially Rhombus Media & Niv Fichman.

I’m excited to be able to sit back and watch the film with audiences and see a bunch of friends I’ve missed. But right now we still have a lot of work to do.

We will keep you up to date as we get closer to Sundance.

Jason Eisener

The Crew