It’s Here!


A Message From Jason

On Friday September 3, select Canadian theatres will be screening our “Hobo With a Shotgun” teaser trailer in front of Robert Rodriguez’s new film Machete. Seeing something you have created, blown up to 35mm film is something special for any filmmaker. The only other time this has happened for us was with the original Hobo trailer which had the amazing opportunity to play with Grindhouse in Canadian cinemas. That was a very exciting time for us, and I cant wait to re-live it this weekend. And if that wasn’t great enough, here is some even cooler news. This Friday we are going to release the un-rated teaser trailer on the internet. This teaser was first created as a sizzle reel for producers and distributors. It was designed to give everyone an idea of what Hobo would look, sound and feel like. It got such a great reaction from everyone that we decided there was no way we should hide this from you guys. Especially since you all helped us get this movie off the ground.


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