Hans mit dem Schrotgewehr

Today we’re deciding to honour ze Germans, seeing as it is Oktoberfest
and all. The video is more than a year old, but it’s a classic when it
comes to Hobo remakes/remixes. These guys score major points for
ingenuity and super amazing costumes. A period piece on a string budget
is no easy feat. Check it out!


Grinder on Your Desktop

His name is Grinder. He’s one half of the Plague. What is the Plague? Well, as far as we know, anyone who’s ever met them didn’t stick around for much to talk about it. I guess we should keep it that way for now, and let you guys have another cool wallpaper to freshen up your desktop with this week. Download it in the standard four sizes plus Jason’s original frame.

[ 1280 x 1024 ][ 1440 x 900 ][ 1920 x 1080 ][ FULL RESOLUTION ]

And you know, we actually want to see what these look like on your desktop. Snap a Screen Cap, or take a picture, and upload to Facebook or link to on here.


Talk About Awesome…

Russia’s a pretty bad-ass country. They beat the Nazis, scared the crap out of America for 50 years and had a President who wrestled brown bears every morning before breakfast. Alas, it makes sense that Hobo With a Shotgun should be stirring up some emotion over there. Nice!


Hobo on Your Desktop

If any of you have been following Jason’s Twitter stream, you might have noticed that he recently mentioned exporting hi-res trailer frames. What could it have meant?! Well, we understand some of you might be getting bored of having a box of kittens as your desktop image, at least I know I am, so we thought it might be a good idea to give you a little bit of the Hobo to spice up your daily routines. Here’s the first one, in four different sizes, including the unadulterated full-resolution grab.

[ 1280 x 1024 ][ 1440 x 900 ][ 1920 x 1080 ][ FULL RESOLUTION ]

We’ll be releasing more in the near future, so stay tuned! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook by clicking the handy icon on the bottom right.


‘Spread the word, you dirty cocksuckers!’

First off, we want to extend our thanks for all the insanely hilarious comments and the amazing response we’ve gotten to the teaser trailer. You guys are awesome!

Starting today, this blog is going to return to a regular posting schedule. We’ve added two links on the bottom right corner to our Facebook page and to Jason’s Twitter account. If you use Facebook and Twitter, it’s a good idea to start following them as we have some surprises planned for the next couple of weeks. And if you haven’t already, spread the word! Friends don’t let friends not know about Hobo With a Shotgun.

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