Day 3 is a Wrap.

Hey guys, Konrad here. I’ll be writing all the entries, giving you an idea of what’s going on day to day. Kevin and Adam are doing all the video stuff you’ll see. They’re pretty rad dudes who are not vegan. Anyway, the last three days of shooting have been ri-goddamn-diculous. Expect something very special on here tomorrow.

To give you an idea of what’s going down, we actually ran out of blood today and had to make fresh batches. And we started out with a shitload of it. Looks like corn syrup is gonna be a hot commodity. We’ve also managed to destroy a bunch of crap around the city, and there’s still a whole lot more shit to burn/explode/disfigure/smash.

First off though, after all of you found out Rutger is going to be in the film, the response has been absolutely amazing. We are all in awe at how many of you guys are cheering us on, the excitement around here is at a Bob Marley high.

Jason’s been giving me shit though, making it very clear that this blog serves only one purpose: you guys. He said if I don’t deliver, I will be enjoying a new career as a shotgun blast test dummy.

Uhh, what else? I can just keep writing for days, but blocks of text are as interesting as romantic comedies. So yeah, get this shit bookmarked, spread the word, comment, upload videos, anything and everything. This thing’s for you.

I’ll leave with a question for you guys. It’ll be a regular thing and your answers will guide our shoot. Seriously.

Question of the day:

How many marshmallows do you think can fit inside a baby’s mouth?