Interview Time

We took the time from shooting behind the scenes footage to sit down and talk to Niv Fichman, producer of Hobo With a Shotgun.


The Plague

As was reported on Ainitcool, we had the great pleasure of having Nat Jones create some kick-ass concept art of The Plague for us. James White of did an amazing job on the logo.

Yesterday I had a chance to hang out and see the SFX guys work on some elaborate squib setups with crazy huge blood packs for a scene. You know something’s going to be pretty awesome when even the guys making the stuff are getting excited. We’ve got something rad going up in a couple of days for you all to see, so keep an eye out. Once again, thanks for all the great comments and checking us out.


Day 4 Wrap

Hey guys, we’ve had an amazing weekend recovering from an even more amazing week. This video was shot at the end of day 4, and it’ll give you a good idea on how awesome everything is going so far for Jason. We’ve got tons of great things planned for you this week. Thank you to everyone for their comments and for watching the last few videos.


The Goods

As promised, here’s a little something to get your juices flowing. If you’re like me, you’ll be watching this on repeat until tomorrow…


Live From Dartmouth!

After weeks of insane prep we are happy to bring you this blog, along with an opening message straight from Jason Eisener. It’s because of you guys that Hobo With a Shotgun was made possible, so we’re going to be doing our best to bring you an amazing look at the behind the scene makings of the feature. Spread the word and stay tuned for more.

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